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Why should you choose Compactory team?

Posted on April 7th, 2016 in Development by Compactory Team

Our philosophy

We believe that each of us has own passion. Our is software development. We love to create cool stuff and see how it changes the world around. We've also tried to create startups but failed and decided to concentrate on what we can to the best. We are not a regular company, rather a team of passionate professionals that collaborates with enterpreneurs all over the world and help them to bring their ideas to life.

You Have Full Control Over the Development Process

Our clients have access to their project’s source codes. We don’t keep the source code to make you dependent on our services. What belongs to you stays with you. We usually pass source code to our clients once every two weeks during the development process. At a client’s request, we can also host code in the client’s own repository. If you need a consultation on how to work on your code in future, you are welcome to consult with us at any time.

We never reuse your source code in another project. The only thing that our developers take from your project is experience. If we think that some functionality from your project will add value to our future projects, we will develop these features from scratch. Quite often, we make our solutions available for the open-source community on Github.

We Guarantee Intellectual Property Rights to Our Clients

We have a few types of contracts that we sign at different stages of collaboration.

1. We sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) before signing a contract. This agreement guarantees that the information about your project will never be disclosed. We use initial information about a product only to provide our clients with a rough estimate of project development costs. Here you can read about detailed estimates that we provide after signing up the contract.

2. Before development starts, we sign a legal agreement (contract) that includes chapters devoted to our client’s intellectual property rights.

3. Sometimes, we sign an additional non-disclosure agreement alongside the contract. This NDA is usually based on our client’s requirements (otherwise, we can offer our standard NDA). But in most cases, the additional NDA is not needed. After an app is released, most clients let us feature their apps in our case studies and mention them in our blog articles.

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